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See Bike Prescott on Bike Prescott Meet Up  for specific ride listings, start times, locations, other details and “Special Listings”.  

Monday Gravel Rides

  • Designed for gravel or mountain bike riders and often include the exploration of historic or unusual points of interest.
  • Distances range from 20 to 50 miles and the amount of climbing can vary considerably. Pace varies according to the terrain.
  • Routes typically involve wide gravel/dirt roads and occasionally some pavement with the rare water crossing. More challenging rides can sometimes be shortened.

Monday Road Rides

  • Almost always the same route- from Frys on Willow Creek, out 89A, through Prescott Valley then back in on 69.
  • Approximately 25 to 30 miles with 1200 ft of climbing.
  • No-drop, moderately paced rides with regroups and stops as needed.

Tour de Tuesday Rides

  • Road rides designed for cyclists looking for a challenging ride.
  • Longer and/or hillier routes, and distances range from 30 to 60 miles.
  • Standard routes include the Skull Valley Loop, Wilhoit and beyond, and Chino/Williamson Valley.
  • Pace varies to suit each week’s participants, and similarly paced riders often ride together.
  • No-drop rides with regroups and stops as needed.

Wednesday Old Guys Rides

  • Road rides designed for cyclists who want a “conversational” pace.
  • The series features distances ranging from 25 to 35 miles.
  • Routes may be somewhat hilly, but the focus is not on climbing.
  • Standard routes include Walker Road, Coyote Springs and Pioneer Parkway/Fain Road.
  • No-drop rides with regroups and stops as needed.

Thursday Fun Rides

  • Road rides designed for less experienced riders or anyone who wants a less challenging ride.
  • Most rides are under 20 miles in length and as flat as possible – given Prescott’s surroundings.
  • Pace is expected to be in the 12+ mph range (we generally ride at the pace of the slowest rider).
  • Two regular routes: One in Prescott Valley and another in Chino Valley.
  • No-drop rides with regroups and stops as needed.

Friday Hills Rides

  • Rides around the Prescott and Prescott Valley hills.
  • Mileage is usually 20 to 30 miles and the aim is to achieve 100 feet of climbing per mile (although we often don’t reach that goal!).
  • Everyone rides the hills at their own pace or skips some altogether.
  • No-drop rides with regroups and stops as needed.

Saturday Road Rides

  • Usually flatter rides of 30 to 40 miles.
  • Rides are for anyone, regardless of pace. Faster riders can ride ahead and wait for the group.
  • The routes usually venture out to Prescott Valley or Chino.
  • No-drop rides with regroups and stops as needed.

Sunday Saints & Sinners “Casual” Rides

  • Road rides (occasionally the Peavine Trail).
  • Distances in the 30-mile range.
  • The pace is casual/moderate but faster riders can head up to the next regrouping point as they see fit.
  • Routes vary, and attempts are made to find different areas away from some of the busier roadways.
  • No-drop rides with strategic regroups to keep things casual. Perfect for relaxed Sunday mornings in Prescott.

If you are visiting Prescott or just curious about specifics of some of our favorite routes, a few are listed below.

Note: Distances and elevation gains are estimates. Always ride with plenty of water, nourishment, and a cell phone in the event of an emergency. Let someone know where you will be riding and your anticipated time of return.

Western Hills: 30 miles/3000’ elevation gain

  • Start downtown Prescott at and head west on Gurley, Right on Gail Gardner, Left on Whipple/Iron Springs.
  • Take Iron Springs to the Granite Basin Rd where you’ll experience 6-8% grade over the next couple miles to the cattle guard before descending to the lake.  Follow the one-way road out and back up to the cattle guard and return to Iron Springs.
  • Continue west on Iron Springs to Highland Pines and Skyline Drive.  A gentle climb continues for a few more miles to the elevation marker and top down views of Thumb Butte.
  • Return back down Iron Springs and turn right at Forest Trail to wind through the neighborhood and back out to Gail Gardner or to Thumb Butte Rd for an additional climb up to Dearing Park and back downtown.
  • This ride offers some challenging climbs and some killer descents!

Wilhoit: 30 miles/2800’ elevation gain

  • This out and back starts downtown Prescott, or at the White Spar Safeway.
  • Go South on 89A/White Spar and climb to 6100’ elevation and mile-marker #305, where you are rewarded with long views of the downhill switch backs ahead for the next 3-4 miles. Then you climb up again to mile-marker #298 before descending to Wilhoit.
  • Stop at the Country Corner to replenish (the only resources nearby).
  • To extend this ride you can continue as far as you like south on Hwy 89.

NOTE: There are no services beyond Wilhoit for more than 15 miles.

Skull Valley Loop:  54 miles/4000’ elev gain

  • Start downtown Prescott at about 5200’ elevation and head west on Gurley, Right on Gail Gardner, Left on Whipple/Iron Springs.
  • Iron Springs takes you up to about 6200’ then rewards you with exciting views of the Sierra Prieta as you descend more than 10 miles to near 4000’ and the communities of Skull Valley (Skull Valley Station closed on Sundays) and Kirkland.


  • At the Hwy96 junction, turn left on Kirkland Valley Road where you’ll starts a gradual ascent with rollers, then left on Hwy 89 takes you north on a steady and deceiving climb to Wilhoit. Stop at the Country Corner to replenish before you climb up The Spars to 6100’ elevation. Enjoy the views on the switchbacks as you climb, then and enjoy the downhill finish (with a few small “bumps”) to Prescott.
  • The traditional direction is counter clockwise but locals mix it up and reverse the direction for added challenge, especially in warmer temps as the climb back to Iron Springs is long and hot.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks as this ride has limited resources.


Visibility and Predictability are Key to Safety
  • Riders must wear a helmet. Taillights are strongly suggested. Mirrors and brightly-colored clothing may help you see and be seen.
  • Carry emergency contact information.
  • Do not wear anything in your ears that prevents you from hearing what is going on around you.
  • Ride single-file and stay to the right except when road conditions allow.
  • Don’t bunch up at traffic lights (creates traffic confusion).
  • As a general rule, pass other riders on their left. If for some reason you decide to pass on someone’s right, call out: “On your right”.
  • Keep together as a unit as much as possible at intersections. (“One larger thing” is more visible and less confusing to cars than “smaller separate things.”)
  • Riders who want to be dropped or go off on their own must tell someone.
  • Obey traffic laws.
  • Understand how to safely navigate various traffic configurations and turns. Refer to the Arizona Bicycling Street Smarts Manual HERE.
“Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport. All riders, team members, or spectators participate at their own risk. ‘Bike Prescott’ a Cycling Club, it’s agents, members, sponsors, promoters and affiliates are free from any and all liability, claim, lost cost or expenses.”

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Walker Road and Lynx Lake Loop: 20 miles/1800’ elevation gain

  • When it’s windy, this ride can provide some protection as you climb higher into the pines but it’s always a beautiful ride.
  • This is an out and back from the parking lot by Panera Bread and Best Buy at the Gateway Mall.
  • Take Gateway Blvd behind the mall and turn right onto Lee Blvd, followed by a quick left onto Liese Dr. which winds to Walker Rd., where you’ll turn right onto Walker.
  • Take Walker to the end of the pavement, less than a mile past the Walker Fire Station. On your way back down, look for the South Shore entrance to Lynx Lake on the right (green mail box).
  • Follow this one-way loop to the southern shore of the lake and back out onto Walker.

CAUTION: There are severe speed-bumps, and if you go the wrong way, tire hazards.

Pancake Ride/Williamson Valley Rd with Options: About 25-30 miles/1500-2000’ elev gain

  • The last Sunday of every month, Bike Prescott members ride from the Outer Loop Old Stage Stop at the Williamson Valley intersection to the WV Fire Department Pancake Breakfast fundraiser. A small donation gets great pancakes and omelets before heading out to a couple options for a longer ride before returning to the Old Stage Stop.
  • From the fire station there are options: 1)Continue on WVR to Fair Oaks and Tonto roads and return, 2)Opposite the fire station is Crossroads Ranch and a lollipop loop of about 15 miles and some large rollers before returning to WVR. 3)Continue north on WVR to the end of the road and return.
  • There is always the option to shorten and return from the WVFD or take in multiple options to lengthen the ride.


Chino Valley, Yuma Rollers from Memorial Park: 20 miles/less than 1000’ elevation gain

  • This ride is mostly flat with some fun, brief rollers.
  • Start at Memory Park at 1020 Palomino Rd in Chino Valley (corner of Rd 3 N and Rd 1 W). Go North on Road One to Road Five North, turn left and continue over cattle guard and a quick right on Yuma and rollers to the end of the road. Return back down and make another quick right after carefully crossing the cattle guard. Follow Yuma on more rollers south until it curves left and becomes Rd. 3 N and returns you to Memorial Park.
  • Chino has several flat options on both sides of Hwy. 89. It takes a little while to understand the road numbering system but once you do you can explore flat routes to your heart’s content.

Antelope Meadows/Viewpoint/Coyote Springs – End of Pavement Options: 25 miles/1000’ elevation

  • Mostly flat with options to extend.
  • Start at Viewpoint Park at 7301 E Park Ridge Dr. in Prescott Valley. Ride south on Viewpoint Dr. and cut across Pronghorn Ranch Rd. to Antelope Meadows. Take Antelope Meadows north to the end of the pavement and return to the park. More mileage is gained by continuing on Viewpoint to the end of the pavement or taking Antelope Meadows east to Coyote Springs, right on East Dog Ranch Road and north on N Porter Camp Trail and the end of the road.



Some of our annual “Adventure Rides” take in both new and familiar locales

North Rim Grand Canyon – Multi-day Event in Late Summer

  • Day One: Jacob’s Lake to North Rim, with lunch and side excursion to Imperial Point. Distance: 60 miles and about 3700’ elevation.
  • Day Two: Rest and take in many North Rim sights and enjoy the infamous Bike Prescott Band after dinner.
  • Day Three:  Return to Jacob Lake (minus Imperial Point) for an easier ride of 43 miles, less than 2,000’ climbing, and a mostly downhill finish.

Annual Adventure Rides

  • Once a year, usually summer, Bike Prescott members embark on an epic, multi-day ride.
  • Previous rides have toured the California coastline, Colorado (including several national parks and beautiful mountain passes). One ride saw several hardy Bike Prescott members climbing Mont Ventoux of Tour de France fame!

The 2018 Adventure Ride is the “Ride of the Ancients” and tours Sunset Crater Loop, Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelly, and Painted Desert

Poker Ride

  • Spring brings on this fun event that usually begins and ends at the Thumb Butte Pavilion.
  • This ride that hovers around 25 miles is relatively flat (for Prescott). Riders stop to pick cards at regrouping points for the best poker hand.
  • Winners get prizes and everyone gets a cookout/potluck lunch.

End-of-the-Road Ride: 40 miles/4000’ elevation gain

  • Another annual favorite takes you to the end of several local roads (the end means “up”).
  • We start and finish somewhere local and ride Granite Basin, the end of Skyline Dr., Thumb Butte Rd, Copper Basin Rd. and Senator Highway.


Tasting Ride

  • Fall takes us on a local tour of wineries and distilleries with options to sample along the way.
  • The ride is usually 25-30 miles, relatively flat, and a lot of fun!

Watch for Us at These Organized Arizona Rides

  • Skull Valley Loop Challenge
  • Chino Grinder
  • El Tour de Mesa
  • El Tour de Tucson
  • Tour de Cure



Bike Prescott members lead or support several local events and worthwhile causes that enrich our community.

Upcycle:  Abandoned/confiscated bicycles that are donated by the City of Prescott Police Department and the other community participants are refurbished by Bike Prescott members, then donated to Veterans, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, women’s and area homeless shelters, or other people in need.  In 2017, Bike Prescott “Upcycled” over 70 bicycles and that number shows no sign of stopping in 2018.  

Adopt a Highway:  2017, Bike Prescott adopted a stretch of roadway on highway AZ 89, mile 25-26.  Our first pickup was in November and late in the year our marker was installed. Regular pickups are posted on Meetup.

City of Prescott Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee: Bike Prescott’s Treasurer, Bill Fanelli, is the Chair of this committee that worked to get Prescott designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community.  What began as an Ad Hoc committee is now a standing committee dedicated to improving bicycle and pedestrian safety and access around Prescott.


Ride of Silence: The third week of May, every year, Prescott hosts its annual Ride of Silence™. This is Prescott’s simultaneous installment of the worldwide event to honor cyclists killed or injured while riding public roadways. The worldwide ride saw over 40,000 cyclists participating in 295 cities. The local ride is posted on Bike Prescott’s Group page on Facebook and Meetup. For more information about the worldwide event visit www.rideofsilence.org

Bike Rodeos: Bike Prescott provides volunteers for local bike rodeos in Prescott and Prescott Valley to teach students about bike safety, including helmet fitting and safe riding tips.

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