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Bike Prescott Cycling Club is Northern AZ’s Premiere Cycling Club…

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Bike Prescott Cycling Club welcomes racers, novices, and casual riders with a desire to promote road cycling and safety in the Prescott area and beyond. 

Your $30 annual membership dues include:

  • Insurance when riding posted club rides
  • Riding with a great group of people
  • Regular posted rides (posted on )
  • Road and gravel options
  • Distance options
  • “No drop rides” available
  • Social activities
  • Training and equipment tips
  • Meet new people
  • Community involvement
  • 10% discount on purchases at our bike store sponsors (excluding bikes)

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Be sure to check out our posted rides at our Bike Prescott MeetUp Page:

Bike Prescott Meet Up

Bike Prescott Disclaimer: “Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport. All riders, team members, or spectators participate at their own risk. Bike Prescott Cycling Club, its employees, agents, members, sponsors, promoters and affiliates are free from any and all liability, claim, lost cost or expenses.”


Annual dues are $30.00. You will be re-directed to our payment page when you “Join the Club!” We look forward to riding with you!


Visibility and Predictability are Key to Safety
  • Riders must wear a helmet. Taillights are strongly suggested. Mirrors and brightly-colored clothing may help you see and be seen.
  • Carry emergency contact information.
  • Do not wear anything in your ears that prevents you from hearing what is going on around you.
  • Ride single-file and stay to the right except when road conditions allow.
  • Don’t bunch up at traffic lights (creates traffic confusion).
  • As a general rule, pass other riders on their left. If for some reason you decide to pass on someone’s right, call out: “On your right”.
  • Keep together as a unit as much as possible at intersections. (“One larger thing” is more visible and less confusing to cars than “smaller separate things.”)
  • Riders who want to be dropped or go off on their own must tell someone.
  • Obey traffic laws.
  • Understand how to safely navigate various traffic configurations and turns. Refer to the Arizona Bicycling Street Smarts Manual HERE.

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